Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back to School!

So I am in Pasadena, LA at the moment attending the Concept Design Academy.
Here is some environment studies from around where I am staying.

More homework to come soon!


Tyler Bartley said...

Nice pete!

Hope you're having a good time man!

Kill it! Oh jesus!


Marc Forza said...

Nice work Peter.

I wish you all the success in the world.

Love to see where it takes you and seeing future posts of your time there. It'd be cool if you're allowed to take some shots of the campus for curiosity's sake.

All the best!

Darren Rea said...

Hey Pete,
It's been a while!!
That's cool you're studying again and especially in LA. Concept Design even... that'll be awesome.

Well good luck with your studies...

Oh, yeah, almost forgot... there is a fella in my class that meet you at Disney - Matt Diks. He probably says hi and stuff.

All the best.


Jenica Smith said...

Pete congrats on the big move to LA!!
Have a blast and can't wait to see more of your homework hehe :)

Peter Yong said...

Huge Thanks Everyone!

Oh Cool Darren! I say hi To Matt for me!