Sunday, June 12, 2011

Plump Mondays No. 28

THIS gentlemen (and gentleladies) is a beer fridge!!
I kind of like the idea of a futuristic fridge that has been "appropriated" by a young immature man.........Ok, its been appropriated by me.

Check out the labels for some of my favorite beers.


Sarasarasarato said...

Thai beer. UFC sticker. Fake mullet. A mullet is the first thing I'd slap on a robotic bar fridge too. Best detail ever. I'd put this up for 2011's best peice of concept art!!

Fish Belt O'Reilly said...

He's awesome!

Is that a dirty little mo' on his face/screen?

Simon Scales said...

I think you have officially crossed the line :) Awesome!

Fish Belt O'Reilly said...

just noticed the telescopic arms - nice!