Monday, April 4, 2011

Plump Mondays No. 21- Supanova Edition

So on the weekend I manned a table at the local comic convention (Supanova) here in Brisbane, showing my folio, selling my book and some prints. Its was a fun couple of days meeting people and showing my work. I had a blast seeing how people reacted to my folio(my pug and my ewok were especially popular).

A big thank you to all the people who came over and enjoyed my art, a bigger thank you to the people who bought my book or bought a print. But the BIGGEST thank you goes to my friend Lach who let me share his table and if it wasn't for him, none of it would have happened!

Both days were very busy but when I wasn't talking to people I was able to do a few sketches seen here, but nothing like what Lach was able to do. Wow! I really hope he post his sketches from the day on his blog. Every time I turned around there was another massive drawing of something mind-blowing.

Overall, I am so glad that I did this. I feel like I have been living in a little bubble with my art for so long, only showing it to family, friends and co-workers and it was incredibly inspiring to see how people react to my work having never seen it before. I even made a little money which is always nice :). It looks like I'll be heading down the the Sydney Supanova as well!


Fish Belt O'Reilly said...

Hey Pete, glad it all went well man! Your art is amazing and it's cool that you're sharing it with the world and making new fans!

Liam said...

Hey mate, as I promised feedback I thought I should provide it.... cant be getting a name for myself as someone who doesnt follow through now.

Me and my mates were pissing ourselves with laughter (one of the girls quite literrally) reading ya book... the quotes on the back of it well, I had to explain to some people just why I found that so funny..

Good luck with it all and when ya bring another book out keep me posted!

Peter Yong said...

Hey Liam!

Thanks for your feedback man!
I'm happy you bought one and I'm even happier that you enjoyed it so much!
Cheers man! I'll definitely let you know when the new book comes out.

Chris said...

nice one pete!

Chris said...

my book just arrived in the mail, and its sexy!