Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Just Another Violent Friday

This is exciting!! I have complied all of my Violent Friday drawings into a book. I will be selling the book at the Supanova convention here in Brisbane and also online at The book features all the Violent Friday's seen here plus 15 pages of new violence and sketches from where it all began! The book is only 10 bucks! That's what I call money well spent!! Check out the preview here:


Fish Belt O'Reilly said...

OH GOD YES! That looks so good! How do I order a copy? How do I order ten copies? Just to shamelessly rub on my body?

Well done Pete, this is so sweet!

Simon Scales said...

Hey Pete. Awesome! Tell you what, I'll trade you 1 $1850 ticket for a book. Surely thats a fair deal :)