Tuesday, February 1, 2011

House of Squid

On the Weekend I was able to draw some comics with my friends Chris and Peter.
We do this whenever we are together. The idea is that one person draws a panel then the person next to him draws the next and so on until we have a complete story on one page. The comics always end up being bizarre and ridiculous and we have a great time making them :)
This week I tried to give my brush pen a good go. I was pretty happy with this drawing:

Check out the comic here. The rest of the comics are on that website too, you just need to click the back and forward buttons.

..Prepare yourself...............


lach said...

those cartoons are goddamn genius,


a kevin costner boxed set???
You, you .....sick... depraved....fucks!

Sarasarasarato said...

Haha, cheers Pete. I was reading House of Squid all yesterday instead of working. Delicious.

Peter Yong said...

Haha Thanks guys!!

If you liked these check out Chris' Animated short that he created using a Bunch of the comics that we made: