Friday, September 10, 2010

The Last Violent Friday Ever!............most probably :(

This is it.

I’m leaving to go to Europe tonight for an awesome holiday.
I can’t guarantee that I can get a drawing done a week, so this is it :(

I really had so much fun doing these and when I come back I am definitely going to continue doing a weekly drawing theme.

A big thank you to everyone who looked and followed these silly drawings and a bigger thank you to the people who left comments and gave me encouraging words!

I have loaded a Blogging app onto my phone and I hope to post the sketches that I manage to do on my trip. So stay tuned!


Chris said...

oh man

manny manny maayaan

i love the look of trepidation in the first panel.

Chris said...

forgot to say, have a great holiday!

Sarasarasarato said...

HAAGH! Awesome. God Speed, Yong.

Nameless Horror said...

Awesome finale!

Can't wait to see what your next weekly drawing endeavour is!

Adi said...

Muie la iehovisti, mormoni si atei!

benjamin leon said...

thought you might like mate,

esp, sea bear and grizzly shark

Gui said...

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