Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quick Painting

Just a Quick painting that I did last night.

Here is a painting that I did a while ago straight after I saw Inglorious Basterds. One of the best villians Ive seen in a long time:
Also Check out my sketchbook, Im trying to go a sketch a day again. Its great to loosen up and its very relaxing :)

Big thanks to anyone having a looksee!


Simon Scales said...

very cool my man!!

Hunter Schulz said...

MMmmmm... sweet Pete!... Do you mind if i call you that from here on?... Okay ill just stick with Pete:/

What about the bright orangish light bouncing off the table? Maybe you could bounce that around more: on to his under brow his jacket, anywhere that's appropriate. I can see that you suggested this, however i think a shift in color(and maybe a darker shift in value on the form that turns away from the bounced light source) might add to the dramatics of the lighting. For example on his temple where his skull recedes away from the bounced light;it is about the same color intensity/saturation as the parts that are being painted by the vibrant orangish table.

Great sketch and yes great villain, I love you.