Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Serious Hardware

I was rummaging around my old books recently and I found some of my old Masamune Shirow comics.
His stuff is just as awesome as I remember it being.
Needless to say I got very inspired...

This is meant to be some kind of riot-squad tank-bot:

The other one is kind of silly and completely impractical.
I was thinking of a tank mixed with an insect when I did the riot-bot.
The next one started as Tank mixed with a Frog but ended up as a tank mixed with a Lion...
Hell its impractial already why not make a dude ride it:

Yeah I had alot of fun with this. :)

In the last post, Ben asked for some work in progress images, so I made a point of saving the different stages of these designs.
Check them out on my Concept Art Thread


lach said...

holy shit pete- these are great!
What on earth are you on?

Robert Mangano said...

Awesome Pete!

The blue walker reminds me of the geth a little bit, in a good way :D
I like how you got your lines nice and clean!

Alex Grigg said...

Love these man.that 3rd 1 is my new background!